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CPNB 2022 is organised by The Association for Crop Protection in Northern Britain, a non-profit making Registered Charity which brings together The James Hutton Institute, Scotland's Rural College, Scottish Agricultural Science Agency, NatureScot and the agricultural trade in Scotland.

The Association for Crop Protection in Northern Britain (ACPNB) exists to run the Crop Production Northern Britain conference (CPNB) and is a registered charity SCO 14888. This long established conference has often been referred to as the ‘Dundee Conference’ and was formerly called the  ‘Crop Protection in Northern Britain’ conference. It was re-named in  2018 as the ‘Crop Production in Northern Britain’ conference reflecting its wider remit in practice and the broadening interests of participants. The CPNB conference has run in one form or another since the early 1970s and is held every two years. We welcome all contributions in the form of oral papers and posters on ‘Agriculture and the Environment’, ‘Combinable Crops’ and ‘Potatoes’ relevant to cropping in Northern Britain. Oral papers are normally about 15 minutes presented in widescreen Microsoft PowerPoint format. The conference usually takes place in a venue in central Dundee but for the upcoming conference in 2022 it will be held online only. We hope this gives an easy way for more people to engage with the topical and varied content of the conference. We hope to be back in-person again in 2024,  but with more online content than before.

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